Have Canadians Lost Their Freedom?

We used to think Canada was a free country, but now many don’t recognize it. PragerU CEO Marissa Streit speaks with Viva Frei, a Canadian-born lawyer and podcaster, who documented the Freedom Convoy in Ottawa. He is sounding the alarm that Canada is sliding further into dictatorship with the help of the complicit leftist media.

00:00 - Welcome to Real Talk

01:13 - Introducing Viva Frei

02:45 - Was Canada Ever Really a Free Country?

09:00 - Why Canada Is Less Free than America

11:45 - There Is No Right to Self-Defense in Canada

16:25 - The Reason behind the Canadian Freedom Convoy

19:00 - The Truth of What Happened in Ottawa

29:24 - Did the Freedom Convoy Change Anything?

32:00 - The Canadian Media Bows to the Government

37:51 - The Policies in Canada That Should Terrify Parents

42:00 - Canada Can Now Restrict Free Speech Online

45:19 - Why Do Canadians Keep Falling for the Same Manipulation?

49:13 - People Who Claim to Be the Most Tolerant Are Often Least Tolerant

58:58 - Final Thoughts from Viva

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