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Stand With Israel

Sign the petition if you stand with Israel.

Please add your name to this petition to say that YOU Reject Lies and Stand With Israel.

Sick and tired of lies from the left? 

The left makes judgments based on weak vs. strong...not right vs. wrong!

Struggling, weak things are good. Strong, prosperous things are bad. In this typical leftist narrative, you’re told to feel empathy for the underdog—regardless of that underdog’s actions. The left also demands you condemn the stronger force—regardless of who is morally right.

Tell the left you reject this narrative and don’t believe its lies! 

Our own country is being torn apart by this narrative. 

We’re told to obsess over things like race and gender—rather than judge people by their behaviors and actions. “Greedy” capitalism, the most successful known form of economics, is roundly attacked. Meanwhile,  “caring” socialism, a failure everywhere it is implemented, is revered as virtuous. 

Perhaps the most glaring example is how the left is using Israel to further its agenda. 

Israel is a beacon of light in the Middle East. People of all faiths, backgrounds, and ethnicities live and thrive in Israel. Israel has long been America’s closest ally. 

A massive fake news propaganda campaign is spreading lies about Israel. This disinformation campaign frames Israel as an oppressive aggressor with no regard for civilian lives. 

Powerful personalities parrot these lies—college professors condemn Israel, celebrities call for sanctions against Israel, and even some American politicians call Israel’s actions terrorism!  

If you are sick and tired of the left’s lies, sign this petition and Stand With Israel! 

PragerU Refuses to Live By Lies. Here is The Truth about Israel:

  • Israel is a tolerant, liberal democracy that holds itself to high ethical standards. 

  • Hamas is a terrorist organization (and proxy for Iran) that calls for the destruction of Israel and the genocide of Jews. 

  • Israel’s military painstakingly tries to protect all civilians.

  • Hamas uses densely populated civilian areas, including schools, to hide and launch its rockets. 

  • Innocent Palestinians, including children, are used as human shields. 

  • If Israel wasn’t attacked by Hamas’ rockets, its military would not have to respond at all!

At PragerU we stand for The Truth and stand behind our greatest ally in the Middle East. 

The left needs to know you don’t believe these lies—about Israel or anything else! 

Join thousands of Americans who are standing together and standing up for Israel...and for The Truth!