Facebook is suppressing PragerU’s reach!

Facebook is suppressing PragerU’s reach!

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UPDATE 4/21/21: Facebook is using third-party fact-checkers to target PragerU's Facebook page on content related to climate change. Facebook has flagged multiple PragerU videos and posts, using biased fact-checkers, specifically Science Feedback/Climate Feedback, to reduce PragerU's page reach and post visibility.

UPDATE 3/23/21: Since posting this petition, Facebook is now threatening to completely unpublish our entire PragerU Facebook page for "repeated violations of their community guidelines." Please sign this petition and share with 10 friends.

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PragerU has millions of followers on Facebook and is the leading voice for conservative content online. However, people who have chosen to follow our page are being deliberately prevented from seeing our posts.

Facebook has falsely identified PragerU as a fake news media outlet and they will, therefore, restrict our reach to our own audience. 

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ADD YOUR NAME to our petition if you want to stop Facebook from censoring our posts.

Freedom of speech is under attack. Facebook does not want you to view our content simply because they do not agree with our point of view. 

There is no reason for Facebook censoring and limiting any PragerU videos, which are presented by leading experts in their fields. We need your help to tell Facebook that their censorship of our videos is wrong. Join the thousands of viewers who value the free exchange of ideas.

Please add your name to this petition to demand that Facebook stop censoring our posts from reaching those who want to view PragerU content.