Fight Corporate Wokeism Pledge

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Fight Wokeism and Support Companies That Share Your Values

Corporate wokeism is plaguing America. From iconic beer companies and massive corporations to sports, media, entertainment, and culture, wokeness has infected nearly every institution in society. But there are ways to push back and win. Take the pledge to fight corporate wokeism and support pro-American, unwoke alternatives. 

Once confined to the faculty lounges of America’s most left-wing universities, wokeism has infiltrated our culture. You can’t turn on the TV, go to the movies, or walk into a big-box store without being bombarded by left-wing messages about race, gender, and anti-Americanism.

But Americans are sick of it. We don’t want what these woke corporations are selling. It’s time to push back. 

Here is the good news: there are many pro-American businesses and entrepreneurs fighting back against the woke industrial complex. Let’s give them our support! 

Take the pledge to fight corporate wokeism by supporting unwoke businesses like the companies featured in PragerU’s short documentary Unwoke Inc.: Jeremy’s Razors, Elevate Beauty, and UNITUS apparel (to name just a few!) and spreading awareness about unwoke alternatives to our friends and family.

We must support companies that are standing up for our values and leading the way as model alternatives that others can follow. Together, we can create a parallel economy that has the power to save America.