Donate Block Sample Page

Donate Block Sample Page

This shows the variations available for the donate block

Default: The first sample is the original donate block example

Inline Text: The second is a sample shows the Inline version of the donate block with a header and description editable in Contentful.

Inline Image: The third example is the Inline with Image. If an image is added to this block it will replace any copy in the header or description fields.

Catchy headline here. Keep it to 70 characters

This is the short copy space to add further explaination about the benefits of donating and how easy it is to support freedom and pro-American content.
To donate via phone, call (833) PragerU
Prager University is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit, Tax ID: 27-1763901. Your contribution is fully tax-deductible in the USA.

Catchy headline for inline donate block

This is the short copy that will display with the donate block is either in the default or inline text style. Images will overwrite this.

Below are some examples of layouts to avoid:

  • too much copy

  • not enough contrast between foreground/background

Avoid this: There is too much text in this headline. Keep the headline short so that the entire component doesn't become too large.

Here's the contents of the short copy field to allow more explanation of the campaign and reasons to donate.

Avoid this: There is not enough contrast

The background and foreground need to meet WCAG standard for color contrast accessibility. Lisa or Design team can help test for this.