Back the Blue

Back the Blue

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Add your name to our Thank You Card to the Police!

All police—regardless of job performance—are now being characterized as brutal and corrupt. Calls to defund the police are being made by protesters and rioters, proposing “community policing” methods, or abolishing police departments altogether. 

As much as some might want to deny it, a thin blue line divides order from chaos. Police brutality should never be tolerated, and we should work to reduce it. But making good policy requires an honest look at the data. And the data say that police brutality is the exception, not the rule.

PragerU needs your help to show our Heroes in Blue that we value and appreciate them.

Help us show police officers and their families how much we respect and admire their sacrifices. Join PragerU in standing up for the men and women of law enforcement who have sworn to uphold our Constitution and protect us. We need them like never before—let’s make sure they know that. 

Please add your name to this Thank You Card to let officers know you have their backs.

Would your friends or family members like to join you in Backing the Blue? We encourage you to invite at least 10 friends to sign this Thank You Card alongside you.

Click here to read our Thank You letter to the Police.