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Video Specialist

The Video Specialist role at PragerU is a high-energy, detail-oriented and, fast-paced position. This individual needs to be an all-around video expert, capable of taking on multiple projects, traveling, and working with the PragerU team to produce great content that educates viewers, delights the team, and keeps donors happy and engaged.


  • Skilled at running different types of cameras

  • Skilled at lighting, sound and sound editing

  • Skilled at editing and color correction

  • Light animation skills. (Usually graphic overlays and lower thirds, but there will also be sligh 2D animation needs.)

  • Skilled with Adobe Creative Suite, specifically Premier, Audition, and Photoshop

  • Willing to innovative and bring effective solutions to the team

  • Capable of doing multiple man-on-the-street videos and other projects quickly

  • Able to work with other animators, editors, and other vendors

  • Comfortable speaking with celebrities and all types of presenters.

Other Requirements

  • Extremely personable, winsome and proactive

  • Quick to learn new processes, procedures, and technologies related to the job

  • Organized

  • Cool and calm under pressure

  • Able to handle multiple projects at a time

  • Willing and able to take direction from different leaders but also bring his/her ideas and thoughts to the table.

  • Team Player - if the team wins, we all win.

  • Honest, helpful, creative, and easy-going.

  • An eye for quality and a passion for excellence

Specific Job Duties and Expectations

The Video Specialist job encompasses several skill sets that often work in tandem with one another. These include technical A/V knowledge, problem-solving, time-management, creativity, and people skills.

  • Artistically speaking it is important to push for content that is novel, creative, & relevant.

  • The Video Specialist should be proficient with video production and post production

  • This includes shooting on different camera types, not limited to but including camcorders, DSLR’s, and digital film cameras.

  • An understanding of lighting fundamentals is needed for in-studio shoots as the specialist may be setting up & striking basic sets on their own.

  • A knowledge of codecs & file types is important for processing footage and creating assets for the existing pipeline.

  • Helping catalog and process footage from other team members.

  • Assembly cuts & basic file transfers may be requested.

  • Familiarity with live streaming for social media.

  • The Video Specialist should be adaptable to new elements and problems during any shoot.

  • Issues will present themselves especially when shooting on the move and in the streets. These range from hardware issues that may require basic ingenuity to dealing with an escalated social situation that requires a steadfast mind.

  • Vigilance for spotting a filming opportunity as well as avoiding bad ones is key.

  • The Video Specialist must have basic organizational, time management, and creative skills.

  • Adhering to established processes and folder structures is imperative.

  • Keeping an eye on the pulse of what is trending on social media is important and should help inform creative decision making

  • Traveling will be required on a frequent basis throughout the continental United States. It may be required to drive to a specific location in a rental car for long stretches of time. Being prepared & properly equipped at any given time during travel is important as the window of time can be narrow for certain shooting locations.

  • The Video Specialist should be comfortable and composed when engaging with a variety of people.

  • Often it will require communicating with production technicians from different venues in order to receive the necessary support to get the job done.

  • There may be engagement with pedestrians which can sometimes be hostile because of politically charged situations.

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