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Social Media Toolkits

PragerU has taken on the initiative to organize 3-4 social media toolkits per year. A toolkit campaign is a concentrated effort to post a unified message on social media and beyond, bringing together those on our side to work in unison on messaging. Access the toolkits below and start sharing on social media!

WEB StandUpForTheAmericanFlag GridThumb

America is under attack. Young Americans are being taught to hold our flag in contempt rather than to respect it. The left claim America is a racist country not worth respecting. Fight this false narrative! Join us in sharing this PragerU content and fly the flag to stand up for America and its values.

Toolkit Patriotism GridImage ClimateChange

Science is increasingly controlled by special interests. Politicians and large corporations are pressuring scientists to conform their findings to support leftist narratives. We want to send out a unified message to change the narrative about the unfounded “climate crisis” and the myth that conservatives don’t love the earth. Join PragerU's social media campaign and share our climate content to free the voices of scientific exploration.

Videos On Climate Change

Toolkit Back The Blue

Police officers put their lives on the line every day to protect our communities, but they are being demonized by the media and the left. The police need our support! Share this PragerU content to defend the police from undue attacks and show your gratitude for all they do to keep us safe.

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