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  • Thank you for your lecture. I have learned so much today. I really was very ignorant on this subject.

    - Mercedes P. - USA

This is the first truly well done conservative YouTube channel that I've been able to find. It's so nice that youth with a more conservative mindset have a place to explore and expand upon their thoughts. I respect this channel even though I'm a liberal.

Zach J.

As a college student who had his mind opened by PragerU, I'm so happy to be donating a portion of what little money I have. There's no price on what you're doing and know that you're doing your part in exposing future generations to a better way of life!

Sam S.

Thank you PragerU. Though this was not my original objective, viewing the comments on your videos reveal to me, in some ways, how not to conduct myself as a human being when conversing with others. You are probably the best channel I've come across.

Shawn S.

PragerU, unfortunately, didn't exist until AFTER I graduated college, but since listening it has helped clarify some of my views and gives me a better perspective on why I believe what I believe. It has equipped me to better articulate my values to my peers and for that I am forever grateful.

Kyle R.

I'm from Poland but I watch your videos on regular basis. I think it's very good and very needed knowledge in this world full of indecency and madness. Keep doing what you do :)

Aldona W. - Poland

I don't live in the United States and I don't think I ever will, but the arguments you provide make the case for freedom everywhere. Thanks for taking the time to take a stand and defend the individual and the free markets from socialist siege. Saludos, from Mendoza, Argentina. (Yes, not all of us are fascists or commies).

Marko R - Mendoza, Argentina

PragerU has been a favorite in my followers feed for a while now. I know that whatever they put out my mind will be opened and I've learned so much from this channel. I've shown friends the videos and they've become so much more educated as well. Basically, PragerU is the most informative and educational channel on youtube and I'm thankful there are people providing the service that they do. Thank you PragerU, you're awesome.

Tyler M.

Thank you to PragerU for showing how important ideas are and how important it is for the individual citizen to command good ideas and not depend on a corrupt media or politicians to command ideas often against us.


I'm left of center, yet look forward to each new video. I'm in complete agreement with your views on morality, and common sense life advice. Even the videos I disagree with, I like, because they make me scratch my head.

Terry H.

Our culture needs an injection of critical thinking. This is the age of outrage, in which passion replaces reason. PragerU invites us to think, rather than feel, about the issues. So many of the policies accepted by our society are emotionally satisfying, but in reality, they don't work. PragerU makes us take a hard look at why we believe what we believe.

Lisa W.

As a high school student in the Chicago area, I have had liberal views forced upon me in education and by my peers ever since I was a child. Thanks to PragerU that I am able to understand the truth and educate others correctly.

Landon J. - Chicago, IL

PragerU has opened my eyes to so many things. It's clear and concise way of explaining things has supplied me with the arguments I need to take on the left in the uk. It is the thing I look forward to the most on a Monday, long may it continue.

Hugo G. - Cumbria, UK

I'm 28 and I've been listening to you for 4 years. I've always heard you talk about prageru but I never actually visited the site. 4 days ago I decided to finally check it out and from then until now, I have watched every video you have on thete and have even had 2 friends who have started to learn from there as well. The videos are very informative and keeps you wanting more. To anyone who was like me and has yet to go to the site, I strongly advise you try it out, you won't be disappointed. Thank you Mr. Prager for all your good doing. Manny

Manny V. - Laguna, CA

I'm 14 years old, and live in a very conservative town. However, the schools here tend to have a liberal bias, especially in History. Thanks to PragerU, I know how to fight the half truths that our school spouts out. Thanks PragerU!

Eric G - South Carolina

I am a 15 year old sophomore in high school and have been watching PragerU videos for over a year. Recently, I introduced them to my American History teacher (shortly after the start of this school year). Earlier today, he informed me the he spent the entire weekend watching PragerU. He also informed me that he plans to incorporate them into lessons whenever he can. Over the last year, I have used these videos in many of the assignments. They have been very valuable to me in my studies as well as developing my understanding of conservative values. Just wanted to share this success story with you. Thank you for all you do.

Carson R. - Tampa, Florida

A terrific way to package truth on so many relevant topics. I believe Prager U. will help turn the tide from such fanciful liberal thinking to a more grounded, common-sense awareness.

Chris - USA

I think PragerU is nowadays the best effort I have seen online for information clarity on major topics in public opinion. I'm Mexican and I think that the information of PragerU could expand to other audiences like, for example, Latin America. Thank you and congratulations.

Christian A. - Puebla City

Just saw your video "Every High School Principle Should Say This". I have a 2 year old and a 1 year old. I am ethnically Persian, but above all else I'm an American. I would definitely send my kid to that kind of school.

Ali D. - USA

Just wanted to say thank you. My wife and I homeschool our children and these videos are extremely education for my family. Till then we will continue to use PragerU videos to education our children as well as ourselves. God bless!

Marcos M.

Thank you for sharing the ideas and beliefs of the conservative mindset. Furthermore, thank you for organizing these ideas and beliefs into neat, articulate videos. As a conservative college student, my beliefs stand apart from my surroundings and it is nice to know that these beliefs have more scientific and historical value that I previously know.

Bob M. - Adrian

I just finished watching ALL of the videos at PragerU and I really appreciate the resource that you have provided and I will keep up with newer videos as they are released. Your videos are professional and polished. Keep up the good work - I am looking forward to more in the future!

Dean D.

I want to say that your videos are helping many "triggered" youth in my city. I preach conservative and religious values to the youth in the city of Reading, PA and many are changing fans looking at things differently and going from liberal youth to conservative. I've used your videos and they are spreading and inspiring conversations among the kids that we're considered taboo. Thank Dennis Prager for me. He changed my life.

Alex C.

Hello PragerU, I'm from Sweden and I love your YouTube Channel. You have a lot of great speakers on there who put up a lot of great arguments. Keep up the great work.

Michael W. - Sweden

I'm a young conservative and I have to say I love everything you've done. The videos are so well produced. The Pragerpedia app is a great way to source information in debates. I've come to realize the absolute war against conservatism in this country. It's motivated me to create a page and write pieces in attempts to persuade and help form arguments. Please tell me if there's some way I can contribute and help grow PragerU.

TJ B. - Columbus

Hello PragerU. I'm from Vietnam. Thank you for making and sharing such valuable videos. Some time ago, I stumbled upon a video named "The Truth about the Vietnam Way". Ot shocked me and I kept replaying it many times. It's actually enlightened me a lot in addition to the recognition of the true nature of the communist regime that I and many people who love freedom are living under. Since then, I became your enthusiast and watched your lectures on a regular basis. Keep on with your work. God Bless You.

DC. N - Hanoi, Vietnam

I am a university administrator and I will be teaching a course starting next week called Culture, Society, and Ethics. The syllabus has a very strong leftist slant (a bit of a surprise for a private, Christian University) and I was wondering if I could have permission to use some PragerU videos so my students will be exposed to a conservative perspective. Thanks you!

Raymond H. - Hemet, California

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