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Alexander Jimenez

Visual Designer

Alex Jimenez joined PragerU in 2017 as the Head Visual Designer.

He grew up in Southern California, attending both UCLA and FIDM. Prior to joining PragerU he worked as an independent designer, servicing clients in Orange County and Los Angeles. He also worked in advertising for major movie studios, including campaigns for Disney Pixar and DreamWorks. According to an anonymous source, Finding Dory’s commercial success was due entirely to his expert file preparation. Such reports are yet to be verified.

A proud member of Theta Chi Fraternity and advocate of individual liberty, Alex also volunteers as California’s Digital Marketing Coordinator for Article V Convention of States and co-produces a weekly webcast called True American. His many activities are made possible by the world’s biggest coffee addiction.

Alex’s chief objectives at PragerU are to procure a functioning coffee maker, encourage tie-wearing, and create beautiful, engaging graphics that promote ‘cool conservatism’ – in no particular order.

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