PragerU sees explosive growth with three new shows and a national ad campaign

April 06, 2022

LOS ANGELES — PragerU is set to launch three exciting new shows—including a fun game show for kids. With more than 5 billion lifetime views, the media powerhouse continues to expand its reach and bring pro-American content to families across the country. A new national ad campaign will also run on FOX News Channel emphasizing the importance of inoculating children against left-wing ideas in schools, media, and popular culture. 

“Unapologetic with Amala,” a new daily show featuring PragerU’s viral personality, Amala Ekpunobi, is a LIVE daily exploration of the latest news and ideas transforming today’s culture, premiering on April 10. The show features a variety of guests along with special episodes where Amala shares her personal story of transformation and how she’s changed her perspective on a variety of issues ranging from systemic racism in policing to modern feminism. 

“Why is it that I was told my entire life that law enforcement is pitted against me, but I couldn’t find any facts to support it?” says Ekpunobi in the first episode focused on police brutality. “The facts actually lead to a completely different conclusion: that, as a society we should be supporting police officers and giving them the resources and training to do what they need to do, safely and effectively.”

Also coming soon, Christopher Rufo will host a new show “Christopher Rufo Theory.” Christopher uses his experience as a writer, filmmaker, and senior fellow at Manhattan Institute to break down the issues of the day—Critical Race Theory, modern marxism, indoctrination in our classrooms and more. 

PragerU Kids releases the first episode of its new game show, “Guess or Mess,” on April 8. In this wild and fun quiz show, kids compete to answer questions from PragerU Kids magazines. From icky foods to sticky syrups to a whole pie in the face, kids learn and laugh as they take on the challenge of getting gross to show what they know. 

Additionally, throughout the month of April, a hilarious new commercial spot will run during FOX News Channel’s primetime lineup promoting PragerU Kids, which offers free kids shows, magazines, and books that teach classic American values. Viewers of both The Five andTucker Carlson Tonight will see the ad.

“Your child is being filled with lies,” warns the narrator, as a heroic George Washington enters the scene and redirects the child’s tablet to, “something that is true. It’s an app with shows for kids, they call it PragerU.” The ad encourages parents to challenge their kids to “think and grow” by engaging in educational and entertaining content on, the mobile app, or most streaming providers. 

PragerU's influence is on the rise thanks to a growing list of content offerings that draw in millions of viewers. Americans just can’t get enough of PragerU and PragerU Kids!

More information on PragerU is available here.