PragerU is mobilizing hundreds of PragerFORCE students to call seniors amid COVID-19 isolation

April 06, 2020

LOS ANGELES — PragerU is set to launch the PragerFORCE “Operation Call-A-Thon,” an initiative to help American seniors who are experiencing unprecedented fear and loneliness during the coronavirus crisis. PragerFORCE members, PragerU’s digital army of nearly 10,000 student ambassadors, have volunteered to contact senior PragerU viewers who are home alone because of COVID-19 and in need of encouragement and moral support.

“It’s uplifting to see these bright, compassionate young students lead the charge to call older members of our community while they are in isolation,” says Marissa Streit, PragerU CEO. “These students don’t have a cure for the virus, but their values and kindness is like medicine for the soul during these challenging times. Goodness is exactly what PragerU is all about.” 

Operation Call-A-Thon is a special project of the PragerFORCE Swarm. The Swarm is a massive digital response by PragerFORCE members who stand ready to spring into action when alerted by PragerU. With one click, thousands of our student ambassadors hailing from all 50 U.S states and 38 countries around the world, are immediately activated to defend common sense, truth, traditional values, and each other — in the digital realm. 

This time The Swarm has been mobilized for a different kind of duty. When PragerU asked PragerFORCE students to activate The Swarm for making phone calls to our senior viewers, a tidal wave of principled, caring young people jumped at the chance to bring a little comfort and joy to homebound seniors who share their values.   

PragerU describes the initiative as a “special do good experience” for its student ambassadors to engage with senior members of the PragerU community. This intergenerational opportunity offers both seniors and students the meaningful connection that everyone is craving during this unprecedented situation. With everyone at home and increasingly on their screens, Operation Call-A-Thon offers an old-fashioned way for kindred spirits to connect. Though decades apart, young and old will hear friendly voices who share their Judeo-Christian values and love for America. 

"Staying at home and isolated has made me very lonely over the past few weeks. I am very excited to receive a phone call from a young PragerFORCE student. What a great idea!" says Bob L. (67, Palms Springs). 

Cameron Arcand, a 17-year-old PragerFORCE student from Irvine, CA, says he’s volunteering for Operation Call-A-Thon because the “lifeblood” of PragerU is its viewers and gratitude is at the core of PragerU’s mission. 

“During dark times like these,” he says, “preserving free speech is especially important, and I want a chance to thank the people making that possible.”

Streit adds, “It’s important during this time that our PragerU family — and America as a whole — becomes stronger, more resilient, and more supportive of each other. The values that we share have brought us through hard times and unified us as a nation before. They will do so again.”

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