PragerU exposes Big Tech censorship in new short documentary, ‘Restricted: How Big Tech is Taking Away Your Freedom’

September 29, 2021

LOS ANGELES — Should Big Tech have the power to control what users see, hear and even think? In its latest short documentary, “Restricted: How Big Tech is Taking Away Your Freedom,” PragerU reveals this growing threat and shows why online censorship is an issue for everyone, everywhere. 

“I think that this is not just an issue for PragerU. It’s not just an issue for content creators. It’s certainly not just an issue for those on the right. This is an issue for all citizens who believe that they should hear the truth and make their own decisions about things,” said Marissa Streit, CEO of PragerU. 

The film features JP Sears, comedian and video creator; Brian Amerige, former Senior Engineering Manager at Facebook; Dave Rubin, Host of “The Rubin Report” and Co-Founder of; Marissa Streit, CEO of PragerU; Rachel Bovard, Senior Director at Conservative Partnership Institute; and Amy Peikoff, Chief Policy Officer at Parler, sharing their personal and professional experiences with online censorship and the danger it poses to society.

In 2017, PragerU filed a lawsuit against Big Tech giants YouTube and Google for removing and censoring its content. While the lawsuit was initially dismissed and is currently on appeal, PragerU’s videos have continued to garner millions of views — and have continued to be censored.

“Since we filed our lawsuit against YouTube and Google, things actually got worse,” said Marissa Streit. “I feel like we’re being punished. Not only are our videos restricted, now we’re actually getting these little editorial pieces that they add on our videos where they mention other opposing views and other websites that people should look at in order to refute the points that we make in our videos. And so what has happened now is that Google basically gets to have the cake and eat it too.”

Over the past 10 years, PragerU has distinguished itself as a premier pro-American media platform, earning billions of views from people around the world. With its Short Documentaries, on topics ranging from the environmental movement to America’s education system, PragerU has become a major player in the Big Tech space, taking on video-driven leftist outlets like VICE and VOX. 

“Restricted: How Big Tech is Taking Away Your Freedom” is the fourth installment in PragerU’s Short Documentaries, which tackle the biggest issues of the day in search of truth. Watch more PragerU short documentaries and sign up for episode alerts here

Watch “Restricted: How Big Tech is Taking Away Your Freedom.”

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