PragerU combats leftist educational agenda, builds ‘PREP’ platform for conservative parents and educators

September 17, 2020

LOS ANGELES — PragerU has launched an online community designed for parents and educators who are frustrated with what they are seeing in America’s education system. “PragerU Resources for Educators & Parents” (PREP) is designed to equip teachers, parents and guardians with the tools they need to think critically and combat the leftist lessons on gender fluidity, identity politics and defunding the police—among others—that students are forced to learn in many American public and private schools.

“For decades, schools have been teaching that America is not a land of opportunity but a nation of systemic oppression and inequality,” said Marissa Streit, CEO of PragerU. “Students are taught half-truths or lies to make them feel ashamed of being American. We risk losing our youth to this increasingly dangerous and divisive propaganda. This past summer we have all experienced the results of the leftist educational indoctrination on our youth. It is time to do something about it before it is too late.” 

This new program will offer qualified members access to the PREP discussion forum, where they can share ideas, experiences, best practices and crowdsource solutions to what many patriotic parents and educators are facing. Also included are specially-designed educational materials developed by PragerU. PREP will cultivate fellowship among thousands of parents and educators, catalyzing solutions to common challenges.

“As parents become more aware of what is being taught in schools and as the left continues to dominate our public education system with curriculum like the 1619 project, Sex Ed and Ethnic Studies we want to provide resources to ensure truthful, appropriate and balanced education,” said Streit. “This new program supports PragerU’s mission overall and highlights our focus on teaching American Exceptionalism and Civics. We invite the entire conservative movement to promote and encourage people to join PREP.”

PragerU, whose videos have garnered more than 4 billion views, will promote PREP through its massive social media following, email list, mobile app subscribers, new streaming television channels on Roku and Apple TV and the PragerU website. 

More information on PREP is available here

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