PragerU’s Instagram Following Grows 20% in 60 Days

March 29, 2017

March 29th, 2017

In the first two months of 2017, PragerU’s Instagram following – which was already number one among conservative organizations – grew by a record 20%.

Today, PragerU counts over 53,000 Instagram followers – more than The Heritage Foundation, Turning Point USA, National Review, and Conservative Review, combined.

“Four-hundred million people use Instagram daily, and it is our goal to reach this audience with engaging and informative content”, said PragerU CEO, Marissa Streit. “We are excited about being the Conservative leaders on this platform.”

Recognizing the unparalleled importance of Instagram to the under-30 demographic that PragerU has courted since its inception, the conservative digital media organization has redoubled its Instagram effort.

The organization’s Instagram page is a curated collection of content, including striking original photography, quippy quotations, video sneak peaks and discussions about current events, behind the scenes glimpses, and historically-significant images.

Unlike most popular Instagram pages, which feature fashion models, rare cars, or luxury products, PragerU’s popularity owes to a lust for the cerebral, not the physical. PragerU believes the uptick in popularity reflects the growing desire in America, and across the world, for more conservative ideas.

“Our rapidly-increasing Instagram following tells us that people appreciate both our aesthetic and our message,” said Mrs. Streit. “The common thread across our Instagram, and indeed our entire organization’s work, is a commitment to the values that make America great.”