Ahead of Academy Awards, PragerU empowers Hollywood conservatives to break silence on industry’s oppressive left-wing culture

April 23, 2021

HOLLYWOOD — PragerU’s fight to expose oppressive leftism, political correctness and “wokeness” in American culture via its mini-series, “Stories of Us,” has gone Hollywood. Ahead of the 93rd Academy Awards ceremony on Sunday, April 25, PragerU has released three new episodes spotlighting industry veterans who are speaking out about their forced silence while working in Hollywood.

“There are plenty of conservatives in Hollywood,” said Marissa Streit, CEO of PragerU. “But the reality is that an oppressive cancel culture acts like a secret police, ready at a moment’s notice to destroy careers and livelihoods, and slander and destroy the reputation of anyone who dares to speak against the regime. That there’s only a few brave people willing to break the silence proves how tangible and severe the fear to conform to Hollywood’s left-wing culture truly is.”

As part of the new Hollywood-focused episodes, actor Siaka Massaquoi (@siaka_massaquoi), former entertainment lawyer and conservative social media influencer Rogan O’Handley (@dc_draino) and “The O.C.” actress Samaire Armstrong (@samaire.xoxo) share their stories of “coming out of the closet” as conservatives in the entertainment industry and discuss how political correctness, racism and cancel culture control everything in Hollywood. 

“Hollywood is probably the most racist place that I’ve ever experienced,” says Massaquoi. “...I feel like the narrative Hollywood’s trying to sell about Black people is the same thing the media’s been selling — ‘poor us,’ our lives are in danger every day just by living here in this country. They see me as a Black man and they automatically go to victimhood or criminal. So that’s how they start to control the culture, because then that’s all you see as your representation.”

“There’s this expectation that you’re supposed to show up to these places and get in sync and in line with these people and with this left agenda or you’re the enemy,” says Armstrong. 

“I was living a double life. I was a Hollywood attorney who kept his mouth shut in the work week but then a social media activist on the weekends,” says O’Handley. “...So I had to come to terms with what was going on, that I had stumbled upon something that was gonna change my life forever. And I had to make a decision: Do I continue to work in an industry that I don’t agree with or do I go fight for what I believe in?”

Soon-to-be-released episodes of “Stories of Us: Hollywood Edition” will feature actor, producer, director and author Kevin Sorbo, who starred in Hercules: The Legendary Journeys television series (1995-1999) and a number of popular films, including Soul Surfer (2011) and God’s Not Dead (2014), as well as comedian, radio personality, television host, actor, author, podcaster and director Adam Carolla, creator of The Adam Carolla Show

“The Leftist Mob and much of Hollywood are, by large measure, true perpetrators of oppression — wrapped with a bow of safety, kindness and tolerance,” added Streit. “People inside Hollywood need to break their silence and PragerU is giving them the platform to do it. Most importantly, this series promotes diversity of thought and civil discourse.”

“Stories of Us” features a diverse group of Americans who celebrate their uniqueness as well as their beliefs. The short episodes dive into people's personal struggles, their passion for their work and their deep appreciation for America. Since its debut in 2020, the series has garnered nearly 15 million collective views. 

PragerU encourages those who have similar stories of “breaking the silence” to submit them for consideration for use in future episodes of “Stories of Us.” 

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