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PragerU doubles down on patriotism, makes American Flag go viral with #FlyTheFlag campaign for July 4th
July 1, 2021

PragerU debuts ‘Otto’s Tales,’ a new children’s book series to teach traditional values through American holidays and history
June 17, 2021

PragerU releases ‘Leo & Layla,’ first fully-animated show for kids that celebrates historical figures who have influenced US and world
May 21, 2021

PragerU to find new video hosting service for its content after JW Player goes woke, won’t renew contract
May 14, 2021

10 years and 5 billion views: PragerU is the undeniable conservative media leader of the next generation
May 7, 2021

Ahead of Academy Awards, PragerU empowers Hollywood conservatives to break silence on industry’s oppressive left-wing culture
April 23, 2021

Ahead of Earth Day, PragerU launches petition calling Big Tech to end censorship of scientists who don’t toe leftist line on climate change
April 21, 2021

PragerU launches new, engaging ‘PREP’ children’s shows to promote pro-America values to students in grades K-12
April 5, 2021

Former leftwing activist @halfblackconservative, Amala Ekpunobi, becomes newest PragerU personality
March 16, 2021

PragerU hires new director for ‘PREP,’ thousands of parents and educators already enlisted to promote balance in education
February 22, 2021

PragerU runs full-page ad in Toledo newspaper after parent pressures school admin to drop extra credit assignment featuring PragerU videos
November 9, 2020

PragerU’s new series ‘Stories of Us’ touts vibrant diversity of conservative movement, features testimonies of individuals who’ve walked out of Leftist groupthink
October 21, 2020

PragerU combats leftist educational agenda, builds ‘PREP’ platform for conservative parents and educators
September 17, 2020

‘A PragerU video opened my mind’: PragerU’s new national ad celebrates its success turning young leftists into conservatives 
September 10, 2020

PragerU: Why would Big Tech censor doctors who might have a treatment for COVID-19?
July 29, 2020

PragerU launches nationwide ‘Back The Blue’ campaign in support of police
July 20, 2020

PragerU on POTUS EO targeting Big Tech: It’s time to seriously address the free reign that has been given to social media companies 
May 29, 2020

PragerU’s new series ‘Americanos’ spotlights ‘freedom-loving’ American Latinos who ‘reject the lies of the Left’
April 24, 2020

PragerU is mobilizing hundreds of PragerFORCE students to call seniors amid COVID-19 isolation
April 6, 2020

PragerU, undaunted by Ninth Circuit ruling, says it’s not throwing in the towel in free speech fight against YouTube
February 26, 2020

PragerU’s first mini-documentary ‘Fleeing California’ to expose leftist policies driving millions out of state
February 25, 2020

PragerU vows to immediately appeal recent decision to dismiss lawsuit against Google in CA Superior Court
November 22, 2019

LED Box Truck to Play Videos YouTube Censors on a Drive through Silicon Valley Thursday, Oct. 24
October 23, 2019

PragerU v YouTube: Oral Arguments in California State Suit Scheduled for Friday, Oct. 25
October 17, 2019

PragerU v. YouTube: Opening Arguments to be presented before U.S. Ninth Circuit Court Tuesday, Aug. 27
August 23, 2019

PragerU’s Day in Court: Ninth Circuit Court to Hear PragerU’s Appeal August 27 as Censorship of Conservative Free Speech Continues
June 19, 2019

PragerU Doubles Down on Censorship Lawsuit Vs. Google/YouTube in State Court of California
January 8, 2019

BREAKING: Worse than Shadow Banning, Facebook Completely Censors PragerU Posts from Public View
August 17, 2018

PragerU Fires Back: Lawsuit vs. Google/YouTube Heads to 9th Circuit
April 14, 2018

PragerU Debunks Myth that Capitalism is Widening the Inequality Gap
April 10, 2018

PragerU Defends the Rationality of the Bible
April 2, 2018

PragerU Issues Statement Following Federal Court Ruling in Prager University V. Google/YouTube
March 29, 2018

Blacks in Power Don't Empower Blacks
March 26, 2018

Twitter Blocks PragerU From Promoting Posts on Social Network, Claims Unspecified ‘Violation of Policies’
February 27, 2018

PragerU Exposes Planned Parenthood Deception
February 19, 2018

On His 209th Birthday, PragerU Examines How Lincoln Changed the World in Just 2 Minutes
February 12, 2018

Princeton Physics Professor & PragerU Discredit the Accuracy of Predictive Climate Models
February 5, 2018

PragerU and Professor Jordan Peterson Take on the Postmodern Victim Culture: ‘Fixing the World Starts with Fixing Yourself’
January 31, 2018

‘I’m Gay...and Conservative’: PragerU Addresses Sexual Orientation and Political Values
January 22, 2018

PragerU’s Top 5 Must Watch Videos on MLK Jr. Day
January 15, 2018

PragerU Founder Dennis Prager Tackles the Biggest Question of them All: ‘Is There Life After Death?’
January 9, 2018

Conservative Juggernaut PragerU’s Online Videos Eclipse 1 Billion Views; Taking Conservatives to Millennials, Online
December 18, 2017

PragerU On Why Relying on Social Security Is a Terrible Financial Mistake
December 13, 2017

PragerU and Dinesh D’Souza Unearth the Leftist Roots of Fascism
December 5, 2017

PragerU Reveals the Single Most Important Human Trait that Leads to Happiness and Goodness
November 22, 2017

PragerU Counters Revisionist History of Thanksgiving
November 13, 2017

PragerU Reveals What Happens When You Disagree with Google
November 9, 2017

Jim DeMint and PragerU: States Can Amend the Constitution Without Congress
October 30, 2017

PragerU Shows How the Alt-Right Is Much Closer to the Left than the Right
October 27, 2017

PragerU Takes Legal Action Against Google and YouTube for Discrimination
October 24, 2017

Rachel Cruze, Daughter of Dave Ramsey, Urges Financial Literacy for Kids
October 23, 2017

PragerU Exposes The Southern Poverty Law Center
October 16, 2017

PragerU Takes On Revisionist History
October 11, 2017

PragerU Discredits ‘Gender Sameness’
October 3, 2017

PragerU Reveals The ‘Real’ Secret To Success
September 29, 2017

PragerU Exposes The Anti-Israel BDS Movement
September 26, 2017

PragerU Defends Western Civilization’s Unparalleled Success, Debunks Multiculturalism
September 20, 2017

PragerU’s Newest Video ‘If You Live in Freedom, Thank the British Empire’ Demonstrates that American Ideals Came from the British Empire
September 12, 2017

PragerU Explains Precisely Why Health Insurance Is So Complicated
September 5, 2017

More Capitalism, More Growth,’ PragerU Defends the Unparalleled Success of Capitalism
September 1, 2017

Boycott Backfire: Concert Sells Out After Leftists Protest Dennis Prager and the Santa Monica Symphony
August 15, 2017

PragerU “Celebrates” One Year YouTube BANniverary; YouTube Is Restricting 10 Percent of PragerU’s Entire Video Library
July 24, 2017

PragerU Contributor, Antonia Okafor, Labeled a “Racist, Sexist and Misogynist” By Liberal Friends For Becoming a Republican
July 13, 2017

Krauthammer, Prager, and Other Conservative Thought Leaders Converge at Second Annual PragerU Summit
May 3, 2017

PragerU’s Campus Program Hits New Milestone
April 25, 2017

PragerU Releases Second School Choice Video
April 19, 2017

PragerU and Turning Point USA Join Forces for Campus ​Campaign
April 14, 2017

Over 100 Million Views in 3 Months – PragerU Sets New Record
April 11, 2017

PragerU’s Instagram Following Grows 20% in 60 Days
March 29, 2017

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