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PragerU “Celebrates” One Year YouTube BANniverary; YouTube Is Restricting 10 Percent Of PragerU’s Entire Video Library
— July 24, 2017

PragerU Contributor, Antonia Okafor, Labeled a “Racist, Sexist and Misogynist” By Liberal Friends For Becoming a Republican
— July 13, 2017

In Her Support of School Choice, PragerU Contributor, Denisha Merriweather, says that Teachers Unions “Profit Off of Keeping Poor Black Kids in Warehouses [public schools].”
— July 10, 2017

Krauthammer, Prager, and Other Conservative Thought Leaders Converge at Second Annual PragerU Summit
— May 3, 2017

PragerU’s Campus Program Hits New Milestone
— April 25, 2017

PragerU Releases Second School Choice Video
— April 19, 2017

PragerU and Turning Point USA Join Forces for Campus Campaign
— April 14, 2017

PragerU Videos Receive Over 100 Million Views in 1st Quarter of 2017
— April 11, 2017

PragerU’s Instagram Following Grows 20% in 60 Days
— March 29, 2017

PragerU Participating in AIPAC and Co-Sponsoring Networking Event
— March 22, 2017

Youtube Censoring 21 PragerU Videos
— Oct 11, 2016


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PragerU Videos Receive 100 Million Views in 1st Quarter of 2017
— Daily Wire

Warning: This Article Is Educational
— Wall Street Journal

YouTube restricts access to Alan Dershowitz video
— Boston Globe

YouTube Removes PragerU Video of Pro-Israel Muslim Over 'Hate Speech'
— Breitbart

Sharp YouTube Videos Demolish Progressive Ideology, And The Left Isn't Happy
— The Daily Caller

YouTube Blocks Pro-Israel Muslim's Video as "Hate Speech"
— The Christian Post

YouTube Restricts PragerU Video of British Muslim Speaking About Anti-Semitism
— The Daily Signal

YouTube bans PragerU video of Muslim denouncing anti-Semitism and promoting peace
— TheBlaze

The Most Important Video About Israel Ever Made
— Israel Video Network

7 powerful New Year's resolutions for conservative college students
— The College Fix

Why you should say 'Merry Christmas'
— Ball State Daily

PragerU: Forbes lays out case for the flat tax
— Ed Morrissey

Dirty Jobs TV show host Mike Rowe tells millennials NOT to follow their passion
— The Daily Mail

YouTube Vs. PragerU
— National Review

Fighting for America National Broadcaster and Conservative Warrior Dennis Prager
— Risen Magazine

Watch: What Every Principal In America Should Tell Their Students
— RedState

Mike Rowe: 'Follow Your Passion' is Terrible Advice 
— The Federalist

America's Extreme Abortion Laws: The Supreme Court vs. the People
— CNS News

YouTube Under Fire After Labeling Conservative Radio Host's Videos 'Potentially Offensive'
— Mediaite

Petition Calls for End to YouTube Restricting PragerU Videos
— Newsmax

YouTube Censors Conservative Video Channel by Labeling it Restricted Adult Content
— Breitbart

YouTube Has Blacklisted Dozens of Educational Videos From Conservative PragerU
— Heat Street

65,000 petitioners demand YouTube unblock PragerU videos
— ​College Fix