PREP Kids: 3rd - 5th

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PragerU Kids Shows: 3rd – 5th Grade

Engaging shows and interactive educational materials for students grades 3-5 with a focus on American history.

Leo & Layla's History Adventures

Travel with Leo and Layla on their exciting adventures through history, using their special time traveling app, as they meet great historical figures who helped shape America and the world.

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Thanks to an unexpected encounter, Leo and Layla learn not just about the American Revolution, but the importance of sharing history and heroes.

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In honor of Independence Day, America's birthday, thanks for helping us fill social media with American Flags! The cartoons were even in on the trend, y'all.

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Travel with Leo and Layla back in time to meet Adam Smith, the father of modern economics, and learn about the importance of free market capitalism.

Digital Magazines

Digital magazines for 3rd-5th graders featuring biographies of great historical and present-day figures.


Learn about the inspirational life of America's first black national security advisor and secretary of state, Condoleezza Rice.

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Discover the amazing life of Amy Coney Barrett, the fifth woman to serve as a Supreme Court Justice.

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Review the life of Ayn Rand, best-selling author and philosopher, whose ideas influenced American political movements.


Craft + History = CRAFTORY! In this special DIY series, learn easy, family-friendly crafts that celebrate our American values... with a dash of history.

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4th of July Declaration Ceremony

Celebrate America's Independence Day with a fun & easy party idea that symbolizes how our nation won its freedom!

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American Trinity Platter

Do you know our American mottos? Create a custom serving platter to remind us what America is all about... for holidays or every day!

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American Flag Bulletin Board

Why do we have different versions of our American flag? A short history of our stars and stripes while turning a plain bulletin board into Old Glory... 5-point pushpins and all!

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Fun shows and crafting activities created for young children that teach American history along with traditional values like faith, family, and freedom.

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PragerU videos for middle and high school students that cover life skills, character development, and current events.

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