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PREP Kids Shows: Kindergarten – 2nd Grade

Fun shows and crafting activities created for young children that teach American history along with traditional values like faith, family, and freedom. 

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Storytime: Otto's Tales

Join PragerU's favorite bulldog, Otto, for a sweet storytime that celebrates the American values of truth, freedom, responsibility, hard work, equality under God, and more. (Silly tricks from Otto sometimes included....)

Otto's Tales: Paloma Wants to Be Lady Freedom

In this touching book by Rachel Campos-Duffy, we learn how special it is to be an American citizen... no matter what we look like or where we come from.

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Little George and the Cherry Tree

Through the timeless American folktale about George Washington (and his dad's cherry tree), we learn the value of honesty and bravery.

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From Sea to Shining Sea

In this rhyming tale by Callista Gingrich, we learn about great American explorers Lewis & Clark... and how our country grew to span 'from sea to shining sea.'

Coming Soon: Little Red Hen

In this classic folktale, we learn the importance of being a self-starter and taking pride doing hard work.

King Alfred and the Cakes

Through this English folktale, we learn how taking individual responsibility is important... no matter how large or small a job might seem.

Coming Soon: Truth, Lies, Fire, and Water

Through this imaginative fable from Africa, we learn why it's important to always be truthful and stand up to lies.


Craft + History = CRAFTORY! In this special DIY series, learn easy, family-friendly crafts that celebrate our American values... with a dash of history.

Military Appreciation Wreath

We love our military! Craft your own no-sew DIY wreath — to honor our troops and show how much we appreciate them.

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Coming Soon: American Flag Bulletin Board

Why do we have different versions of our American flag? A short history of our stars and stripes while turning a plain bulletin board into Old Glory... 5-point pushpins and all!

Coming Soon: American Trinity Platter

Do you know our American mottos? Create a custom serving platter to remind us what America is all about... for holidays or every day!

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