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The Left is United. Shouldn’t We Be?

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Conservatives are typically not as outspoken, as determined, or as united as those on the Left. The Left is united in controlling the public narrative through the educational system and the mainstream media. What can we do about this?

PragerU’s mission is to influence culture through digital content that advances Americanism. We have quickly become the most influential online resource for explaining the values that have made America great. Utilizing digital media and sophisticated marketing, PragerU reaches millions of people every day with short educational videos that promote American values.

“It took two months for Prager University, one of the biggest, most influential and yet least understood forces in online media, to mold a conservative.” - BuzzFeed News, March 2018

We are here to stay. In order to ensure that we can continue our impact for many years to come, we’ve launched a club, PragerUnited, for PragerU supporters who give recurring monthly donations. PragerUnited members are committed and confident – and critically important to PragerU’s future.

Our vision is to make a more rational America.

Every video we produce changes the mind of a young person on an issue you care about. Every video exists because someone like you saw what an incredible impact even a modest gift, when given regularly, can have.

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“I had just started a new job and I knew that - ideologically and politically – I was in mixed company. Then one day I pulled out my PragerU coffee mug. Turns out three of my co-workers are also PragerU fans.” –Jeff M

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