Job Opening: VP of Marketing

Type: Full time, Sherman Oaks, CA [Los Angeles County]
Reports to: CMO


The VP of Marketing is responsible for overseeing the planning, development and execution of PragerU’s marketing, advertising and online fundraising initiatives.  The primary responsibility is to generate significant growth through video views, subscribers and online donors.  Working closely with the Chief Marketing Officer, the VP of Marketing provides organizational leadership and works to fulfill the vision of PragerU.


Marketing Strategy & Organizational Leadership

  • Work closely with the CMO and CEO to develop the marketing strategy and provide organizational leadership.
  • Oversee the execution of marketing strategy measured by significant growth of video views, subscribers and online donations. 
  • Provide leadership and supervise staff team to execute marketing strategy and reach organizational goals. 
  • Oversee social media content implementation across all platforms utilizing news cycle to optimize results of both organic and paid campaigns.
  • Measure impact of PragerU through surveys and video analytical data.
  • Create additional revenue streams for PragerU and monetization opportunities through advertising and collaborative partnerships with like-minded organizations.  


Marketing & Advertising Budget

  • Responsible for developing and managing annual marketing budget for organization.
  • Plan, direct and coordinate weekly and monthly ad spend budgets to meet goals.
  • Provide oversight, strategy and direction to staff team implementing paid digital advertising campaigns focused on video marketing, email acquisition, online following and overall brand awareness. 
  • Analyze results of marketing spends and adjust budget to optimize growth as necessary. 


Technology and Website

  • Working with CMO, engage and utilize the advice of PragerU’s technology advisory board to improve results of website and technology. 
  • Drive and increase website traffic focused on email and donor acquisition.
  • Utilize analytical website data to optimize site for best performance and results, measured by video views, email acquisition and donor acquisition. 
  • Oversight of PragerU website team – responsible for overall design and functionality of website.  
  • Oversight of the implementation of new technologies and best practices on website and mobile app. 


Email Marketing & Online Fundraising

  • Develop email marketing and online fundraising strategy.
  • Oversee staff team and all aspects of email marketing campaigns including video newsletters, donor appeals, merchandise emails and organizational updates. 
  • Create and execute donor email appeal strategy to maximize online donations.
  • Oversee targeted social media donor campaigns and optimize ratios of ad spends vs. dollars raised.    



  • Provide marketing insights in all PragerU production meetings to ensure to maximize all opportunities for growth measured by video views, subscribers and online donors. 
  • Provide input on presenters, scripts and videos in general. 
  • Develop strategies to maximize growth by integrating brand messaging/appeals on all content produced.
  • Work with CMO on full production of macro-brand awareness and donor appeal videos 

Please send cover letter and resume to [email protected]