Frequently Asked Questions

How do you select which topics to cover?

There's no hard formula, but in short, we identify big issues that are important to understanding American values, and then we see which of those issues people want to learn more about. Subjects might include economics, history, politics, science, culture, art, and almost anything in between. If people are talking about it and it's important, you can find it at PragerU. 

How do you select which experts to feature in your videos?

We seek out highly qualified, credentialed and accomplished experts in the field appropriate to the subject of each video. Our presenters include highly respected college professors, award-winning journalists, successful entrepreneurs, and attorneys and advisers who have worked with top politicians and CEOs. They are passionate about what they do, and they come to us because they know we can simply and clearly explain their ideas to millions of people. 

Does PragerU have an ideology?

Every person and every organization has a value system and a set of beliefs. PragerU is no different. We believe in the principles that have made America great. We believe in economic and religious freedom, a strong military that protects our allies and the religious values that inform Western civilization, also known as Judeo-Christian values. 

How often do you release a new video?

Every Monday! (And once a month on Thursday)

How long is each video?

5 minutes! 

Where is PragerU?

PragerU is an online resource with no physical campus, so we're basically everywhere. We are available to anyone with an open mind and online access. 

How does PragerU afford to make these videos?

As a 501(c)3, tax-deductible charitable organization, we rely on donations from our viewers. 

Are you an accredited university?

No. PragerU is not a university and we do not offer degrees. But we are the most influential online resource for explaining the concepts that have made America great. 

What is PragerFORCE (Student Ambassador Program)?

It’s an international coalition of college and high school students in the United States and around the world. Being conservative, many of these students feel alienated on their overwhelmingly left-wing campuses. The ambassador program helps them find like-minded students and allows them to share PragerU videos with their friends in campus clubs and events. They have access to special PragerU programs and resources, including staffers who help them navigate some of the challenges of being a conservative college student on today’s campuses.

What's the PragerU Educators Program?

It's a network that includes thousands of professors and teachers who show PragerU videos to their students and/or use our curriculum as a teaching supplement in the classroom. Members of this community get free access to our video courses, study guides and other valuable resources that can enhance their teaching. 

How can I support PragerU?

The best way to help us is by donating. In addition to paying for expenses like production costs, donations allow us to attract the most respected experts, and the most talented writers and video editors available. Every video costs $25,000 to produce and another $25,000 to market. So every dollar you donate matters. Please consider contributing $5, $15 or $25 a month to help keep our videos free by clicking here.

But what if I can't afford to donate?

No worries! You can still help PragerU by creating a (free) account, following us on Facebook, or subscribing to our YouTube channel. Join our movement today and help us provide free knowledge to anyone with an open mind.