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PragerU Stands With Jordan Peterson!

Twitter has locked Jordan Peterson’s account. Sign the petition to support Jordan Peterson and tell Twitter to stop censoring him now!

Twitter continues its assault on free speech. PragerU has been fighting against Big Tech censorship for years. Now our friend and PragerU presenter Jordan Peterson is the latest to get locked out of his Twitter account and we need to show our support for him.

According to Twitter, this tweet by Jordan Peterson promoted violence against, threatened, or harassed “other people on the basis of race, ethnicity, national origin, sexual orientation, gender, gender identity, religious affiliation, age, disability, or serious disease.” Twitter locked Jordan’s account and demanded that he delete the offending tweet in order to have his account reinstated. 

JBP Tweet

Jordan Peterson is one of the most respected and greatest thinkers in the world today. He has made several videos with PragerU that showcase his brilliant mind and impart wisdom for living a good life. 

We’re collecting signatures from our PragerU audience to send to Twitter and demand that they stop censoring Jordan Peterson and others. Let’s show Jordan that we support him and his right to free speech. 

PragerU stands with Jordan Peterson. Everyone should have access to what he has to say. To claim that his opinion is “hateful,” promotes violence, or threatens or harasses anyone is an outright lie. Do not allow Twitter to get away with this.    

Sign the petition to show your support and demand that Twitter stops its censorship of Jordan Peterson and others. 

Sign the petition to tell Twitter to free Jordan Peterson.

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