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CCU: Scholarship Details & Eligibility Requirements

The Offer

All PragerU subscribers who request more information about CCU from the PragerU website will be offered a $1,000 tuition scholarship toward an associate degree, bachelor’s degree, or master’s degree from CCU Online. 

Scholarship Payments

The scholarship is designed to be distributed evenly among multiple courses in the student's degree program at Colorado Christian University, and may not exceed the cost of a course. The scholarship may only be used toward courses offered directly by CCU.

Each $1,000 scholarship recipient will receive a $250 tuition credit toward each of the first four courses in their degree program.

Tuition credits will be deducted from the student’s account balance. All course billings must be paid, or have a payment arrangement contract in place, prior to the first day of the class. 

Visit the CCU Online Financial Aid website for more information about tuition, scholarships, and flexible options for making your degree program affordable.

Eligibility Requirements

  • You must be at least 19 years old and have a high school diploma or GED.

  • The scholarship may only be used toward tuition for degree programs in CCU's College of Adult and Graduate Studies.

  • The scholarship is not applicable to the following CAGS programs or courses of study:

    • Core classes in the Pre-Nursing to BSN program

    • Classes in the Doctor of Nursing Practice (DNP) program

    • Certificate programs

    • Stand-alone licensure programs

    • Non-degree seeking student status

  • The PragerU scholarship offer is not applicable to degree programs in CCU’s College of Undergraduate Studies (CUS), which offers traditional residential-based programs.

  • This scholarship offer is for new students only: 

    • Students who have completed any CCU CAGS course prior to the date of their inquiry are not eligible for this scholarship contest. 

    • Students who are actively registered for a class prior the date of their inquiry are not eligible for this scholarship contest. (i.e. If they haven’t completed a course but they are actively registered to start at the time of inquiry, they are not eligible.) 

    • Students who are actively attending a class prior to the date of their inquiry are not eligible for this scholarship contest. 

  • Graduate students with a conferred CCU bachelor’s degree are eligible for this scholarship, provided they have not enrolled in any graduate-level coursework at CCU after their undergraduate degree was completed and prior to the date of their inquiry.

  • Scholarships cannot be deferred beyond the deadline to start classes in the Key Deadlines section.

  • Scholarships are not transferable to another person.

  • Students who are eligible for CCU’s reduced military tuition rate will not be eligible for this scholarship contest.

  • The $1,000 scholarship cannot be combined with any other discount program or scholarship offered by Colorado Christian University, with the exception of: Winners may qualify for CCU’s Professional Education Program discount in the first block following the term when the scholarship was exhausted.

  • If a scholarship recipient is unable to meet CCU admission and scholarship requirements the tuition scholarship will be forfeited.

  • By entering this contest, entrants authorize Colorado Christian University to contact them by phone, text messaging, mail, and/or email.

See also General Rules for CCU Promotions.

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