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Patricia Barrett

Businesswoman and now-retired speech language pathologist, Pattie has been a professional speaker, founded a cutting-edge therapy company for the rehabilitation of severe neurological disorders, and developed her own line of educational materials. An intuitive problem solver, Pattie has a history of succeeding with issues others considered “lost causes.” That same creative vision expressed musically helped her compose and illustrate a full-length musical version of the book of Matthew. Besides directing and coaching performances of her work, she has written and performed with arts organizations in Houston and has been the featured guest and teacher on several television programs. Pattie serves a variety of nonprofits, co- chairing galas, serving on boards and advisory councils, hosting gatherings, and facilitating networking between entities. The mother of two grown daughters, Pattie is happily married and lives in Houston, Texas. She composes music, coaches musical performances of her original work, and writes and performs with arts organizations in Houston. Pattie serves on the boards and advisory boards of a variety of nonprofits.

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