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Brian Keating

Brian Keating is a Professor of Physics at the Center for Astrophysics and Space Sciences (CASS) in the Department of Physics at the University of San Diego, where he leads the Ax Center For Experimental Cosmology (ACEC). He is also Associate Director of the Arthur Clarke Center for Human Imagination. Prof. Keating is a renowned speaker, inventor, and expert in the study of the universe’s oldest light, the cosmic microwave background, using it to learn about the origin and evolution of the universe. His experiment, BICEP, was located at the South Pole, and received worldwide attention when it was announced what was considered one of the greatest discoveries of all time: evidence for the so-called Theory of Inflation. His book, Losing the Nobel Prize A Story of Cosmology, Ambition, and the Perils of Science’s Highest Honor, (2018) has won numerous accolades, including being selected as one of the Best Books of the Year by Science Friday, Amazon, Science News, Physics Today, Forbes, and Symmetry. Prof. Keating’s PragerU video, What’s a Greater Leap of Faith: God or the Multiverse?, has garnered over 3 million views. Brian lives with his wife and five children in San Diego, CA.

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