Job Opening: Brand Ambassador Manager, College

Full-time, Los Angeles

Job Description
Work full-time alongside the the Director of PragerFORCE to help run the day to day operations of managing the PragerU Student Ambassador Program. The goal is to get more students to share PragerU content and for them to be an influential digital army. Must be well-organized, detail oriented and outgoing. Able to make phone calls, message people & contact people in multiple ways. Experience with conservative on-campus club organizations (the different organization that exist, their missions, tabling/manning a booth, recruitment & sales). Good with technology and always looking for ways to improve our operations and innovative in thinking to get people engaged in new and better ways.

Job Responsibilities
Organize new PragerFORCE applicants 
Collect information and assist in onboarding new members
Help with event planning for conferences, PragerFORCE retreat, speaking engagements on campus & other events.
Help find ways to get students to share more PragerU content
Recruiting college brand ambassadors 

Passion for PragerU's mission to further what we call "Americanism" and familiarity with the concepts espoused in our digital content
Bachelor's Degree in Communications, Marketing, Business Administration or a related field.
Commitment to excellence in all endeavors.
Superlative written and verbal communication skills.
A desire to learn.
Must be a self-starter who can prioritize tasks with limited supervision.
Ability to think critically and understand how assignments fit into the larger PragerU vision.
Experience working effectively with a variety of constituencies and personalities.
Strong digital literacy, particularly in Mac iOS, Microsoft Office, Google and Adobe suites.

To apply, please first review our website at and review our materials. Then, submit a cover letter and resume including your understanding and appreciation of our content to [email protected]